Stretching boundaries of evaluation practice with PIALA in Ghana

Adinda van Hemelrijck works freelance in international development on design, evaluation and learning around impact.
Adinda Van Hemelrijck
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The PIALA Adventure: Setting out in Ghana September 2014. After having waited for several months for green light, I finally found myself almost impatiently queuing for boarding for what was my first flight to Ghana. Finally I would get this ... Read more »

My nine months of immersion in Participatory Impact Assessment & Learning (PIALA) in Africa

Glowen Kyei-Mensah is the Managing Director of Participatory Development Associates (PDA), based in Accra and Kumasi in Ghana.
Sitting across the table from two representatives of soon to be clients, I didn’t think that this evaluation would be much different from many others we had worked on over the years. I knew that it would involve many days ... Read more »

Development evaluation for the benefit of the people

Prof. Richard Levin is the SAMEA Chairperson and current Principal of the National School of Government in South Africa.
Richard Levin
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Good governance, democracy and development evaluation Good governance, participatory, people-centred democracy and development evaluation are intimately linked. Indeed evaluation cannot be understood outside of “development”, but is an integral part of the development process. While there is an increasing emphasis ... Read more »