Does evidence have a chance amidst the challenges of development?

Dr Babette Rabie is a senior lecturer at the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and former Chairperson of the SAMEA Board.
Babette Rabie
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A fair amount has been written about the apparent gap between researchers and policy-makers when it comes to ‘evidence’ – including the evidence produced through monitoring and evaluation. See for example a related post by Ian Goldman, Fred Carden’s insightful ... Read more »

Development evaluation for the benefit of the people

Prof. Richard Levin is the SAMEA Chairperson and current Principal of the National School of Government in South Africa.
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Good governance, democracy and development evaluation Good governance, participatory, people-centred democracy and development evaluation are intimately linked. Indeed evaluation cannot be understood outside of “development”, but is an integral part of the development process. While there is an increasing emphasis ... Read more »