Evaluation for Africa – A young evaluator’s wish

Janvier Ndagijimana is Assistant Coordinator in Design, Monitoring and Evaluation at Search for Common Ground in Bujumbura, Burundi.
Janvier Ndagijimana
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Evaluation is important for our continent. Many things prompted me to take an interest in a career in evaluation. After my university studies, I enjoyed being involved in project and program management. This experience showed me that projects are frequently ... Read more »

Rethinking Success in M&E

Mokete Mokone is an Evaluation and Learning Specialist with the Jobs Fund at the South African National Treasury.
Mokete Mokone
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Measuring programme effectiveness should allow for an opportunity to reflect on results that are not primarily intended by an intervention.The expectation that evaluation reports will conclusively establish the outcomes or impacts of an initiative might not be realistic. Perhaps we ... Read more »

Evaluation and the forbidden truth – Part 2

Dr Backson Sibanda is an Independent Evaluation Consultant and CEO of BACTHA CONSULTING.
Backson Sibanda
Walking the talk Evaluation has become an integral part of programme and project design, implementation and management. This is a great achievement by those “slaving” courageous evaluators. Evaluators have become bolder and more scientific and evidence based in their search ... Read more »

Encouraging Evaluators to have Multiple Perspectives

Benita Williams is the principal consultant at a small evaluation consultancy based in Pretoria, South Africa, a founding board member of SAMEA and a former board member of AfrEA.
Benita Williams
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I’ve worked as an evaluation consultant since the start of my professional career, doing the things an evaluation consultant does: Write proposals, do evaluation work and rejoice when the reams of transformed white paper that I produce actually results in ... Read more »