The African Peer Review Mechanism: Learning from an Indigenous African Evaluation Tool

Steven Gruzd is head of the Governance and APRM Programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg.
Steven Gruzd
African countries seem to be forever undergoing assessments and evaluations. Many stem from the governments of international development partners who have poured money into a plethora of projects, programmes and plans, and want to know what has worked and why. ... Read more »

Sovereign Wealth: Two ways African governments can hold DFIs accountable

Ted Jackson is President of ET Jackson and Associates Ltd, and Senior Research Fellow at Carleton University.
Edward Jackson
At a time when Africa’s rise has been stalled by a slow-down in the Chinese economy, depressed global commodity prices, continuing electricity brownouts, sustained high youth unemployment, and high-profile terrorist attacks,  there is little question that African governments need the ... Read more »