Why it is time to make evaluation more relevant for Africa (3) – Emphasising Distinct African Values, Cultures, Institutions and Practices?

Just before I started to write this blog, I received the announcement of the 8th AfrEA International Conference that is scheduled to be held in Kampala, Uganada on 27-31 March 2017 on the theme “Evaluation of the SDGs: Opportunities and ... Read more »

The African Peer Review Mechanism: Learning from an Indigenous African Evaluation Tool

Steven Gruzd is head of the Governance and APRM Programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs in Johannesburg.
Steven Gruzd
African countries seem to be forever undergoing assessments and evaluations. Many stem from the governments of international development partners who have poured money into a plethora of projects, programmes and plans, and want to know what has worked and why. ... Read more »

Where is the pride in our own knowledge systems?

Charles Dhewa is the Chief Executive Officer of Knowledge Transfer Africa (Pvt) Ltd, a Zimbabwean-based Knowledge brokering firm which he founded in 2006.
Charles Dhewa
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The majority of rural African parents are convinced that their children can learn more useful things from their local community than from formal schools. Besides the tendency to look down upon local knowledge, the modern African formal education system still ... Read more »

Yes, evaluation is in Africa: Progressive, growing and transformational

Dr Indran Naidoo is director of the Independent Evaluation Office of UNDP and Vice-Chair of the UN Evaluation Group.
Indran Naidoo
  A democratic culture supports evaluation, as enabling factors such a transparency and accountability create a demand for evaluation. In the same manner, although difficult, the pursuit of evaluation in non-democratic cultures may help to introduce important elements of reflection, ... Read more »